Hot Noodles Cold Sake

A small and simple ramen shop with traditional Japanese flavors. The menu includes goma, shoyu, miso, and shrimp ramen plus salads, gyoza, edamame, beer and of course, sake. Chef Joshua of Posh in Scottsdale, AZ pops-up his own ramen night in his upscale restaurant called POSH every Tuesday night. With the amount of love that it’s received over the years, Chef Josh is ready to open up a ramen shop, dedicated to this Japanese noodle soup for lunch and dinner all week long.

Chef Josh is a student of Japanese cuisine and spent time living and cooking in Tokyo – he dreamed of opening a small ramen shop of his very own. It’s taken Chef Josh 2.5 years of searching for the perfect spot – and he’s finally found the right space. He’s wanting to share true Japanese ramen in Scottsdale, and now is the time to do so.

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Dinner Special $19.99

A dinner bowl ramen, small gyoza (3), Kirin/Kirin Light. House sake $23.99

Lunch Special $12.99

A lunch bowl ramen, small edamame, and soda!

Grand Opening

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